Why do I need to perform keyword research prior to optimizing my website?

The process for optimizing a website isn’t easy, there are many things to consider, and certain keywords to pick, based upon the content that you may already have or are looking at generating.

Keywords are often the way that a potential customer will find your website; as such, there are a vast amount of keywords that you can choose. Some keywords will have high competition, others virtually none. The less competition a keyword has, the more likely you will be better ranked for that specific keyword, and obviously the reverse as well.

Keywords are not all the same! Dependent on the way you spell keyword rankings will change, below, we’ve outlined just how rankings could change based upon different inputs from visitors to the search engines:

Example #1: web hosting
Example #2: web-hosting
Example #3: web_hosting
Example #4: webhosting

If you have any further questions pertaining to your web hosting account, please feel free to get in contact with your web hosting support team for further assistance.