Server Shutdown in Progress MySQL Error

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When it comes to resolving problems within your cPanel web hosting account, generally all the issues can be resolved quickly from directly within your web hosting interface. However, when it comes to MySQL sometimes it can get tricky, but most of the time there are no problems. Please follow our suggestions below:

How to resolve this MySQL issue within your cPanel account:

  • This error might be happening within your web hosting account because you are running a query which is taking too long to process, and your MySQL server is timing out. To fix this issue within your web hosting account requires that you first repair and then optimize your database. Please read our how-to tutorial when it comes to MySQL database optimization.
  • You might be experiencing the conflict between the table structures within your MySQL server, and thus is causing this error to appear. You can fix this error by changing the crashed MyISAM table to an InnoDB table.

However, if you still continue to receive this error within your cPanel web hosting account, please feel free to reach out to your web hosting support team and they will be glad to assist you further.