How do I use DomainKeys within my web hosting account?

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DomainKeys is an email authentication system, involving digital signatures that relate to the user domain. The methodology works because the system allows for end-to-end integrity to be restored. This means that traveling email messages are not modified. Whenever you send an email message from your web hosting account, the server signs it using your own key. Now, when the recipient receives the message your DomainKeys signature can be verified in the domain name. The DomainKeys authentication process does not prevent SPAM or virus emails on its own; it is merely a process of authentication, and thus is best used with SPAM prevention software.

When it comes to managing SPAM within your cPanel web hosting account, you may use a variety of different features such as DomainKeys and SPF from directly within your cPanel web hosting account. To manage these features, please follow the step-by-step guide that we’ve outlined below:

  • Login to your cPanel web hosting account
  • Locate the "Mail" section, and click on "Email Authentication"
  • Within this section, you will be able to make changes to DomainKeys.

Within the aforementioned section, you will be able to either enable or disable these features, dependent on your web hosting account requirements. However, enabling both the DomainKeys and SPF (Sender Policy Framework) you should be able to lower the amount of SPAM messages that you receive.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to your cPanel/WHM web hosting support team for further assistance.