How do I download my emails locally, and then remove them from the server?

When it comes to downloading emails or storing them on the server, it really depends on the configuration that you are using on your email client. For example, if you are using IMAP then all your messages will be stored only on your server, until you delete them. However, if you are using POP then the messages will be downloaded to your computer and removed from the server.

If you’d like to leave a message on your server, when you are using POP3, then you should use the following options outlined below, based upon the email client that you are using.

Mozilla Thunderbird Email Client:

When using the POP3 settings for your email accounts, if you wish to leave a copy of the email on the mail server, you will need to follow the outlined guide below:

  • Open the Thunderbird Email Client
  • Select "Tools" in the top menu, and click on "Email Settings"
  • Select the "Server Settings" for the email account you wish to work with
  • Check the main "Leave messages on server" parent option
  • Then check "Until I delete or move them from inbox"
  • Click "OK" to close the account settings window.

Microsoft Outlook Email Client:

Outlook has a slightly different way of setting up things than Thunderbird, but the principals are still pretty much the same. Please follow the below mentioned guide:

  • Open the Outlook Email Client
  • Select "Tools" from the top menu, and click on "Email Accounts"
  • Then click on "View or Change existing email accounts"
  • Select the email address you would like to change and click "Change"
  • Then click on "More Settings" and click on "Advanced"
  • From there, check off "Leave a copy of messages on the server"
  • Then click on "OK"

If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to ourĀ cPanel web hosting support team and they will be glad to assist you further.